Two sites you should really check out

I’m playing a cop-out by doing this, but I’m sick and I want to go to bed. So, two sites you should really check out:

Khan Academy
I don’t know if they’re trying to gamify learning or learnify gaming, but I seriously spent 20 minutes doing single-digit addition to get points and achievements. I don’t need 20 minutes worth of practice doing single-digit addition, but those achievements sure do feel nice! Oh and also, now I know a lot more about black holes, which are awesome. Check it out.

I’ve been spending the last five or so weeks learning how to program a self-driving car; the course is taught by Sebastian Thrun, the guy who programmed Google’s self-driving car. The courses are seven weeks long, but you can hop in at any point. And if that’s a little high-level, or just not to your taste, you can always learn Python at the same time you learn to create a search engine. Plus, more courses coming in April.

The best part? They’re both free. Free learning… who knew?

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