Post Mortem: March Blogathon

So I mentioned before that I blogged every single day in March, and that I would be writing about it. I’ve either got to stop making promises on timelines or get better at estimating them, but here we are a few weeks after the fact… my post mortem for the March blogathon. A good post mortem has four things: a summary of activity, a review of what went right, a review of what went wrong/what could be done better next time, and a conclusion. So, without further ado: ### Summary Thirty-one days of blogging, about various programming/software development-related topics. At least, that was the intent. I spent about a week beforehand brainstorming topics to write about; most of them I hit on, a few I didn’t feel like I had time (more about that later). ### What went right I successfully posted every day, even if some of the posts were very short. I managed to put out what I feel is helpful information, mostly toward the beginning of the month. Also, putting thoughts in a public space turned out to be a _great_ sounding board. ### What went wrong Switching jobs in the middle of March didn’t really help with putting as much thought and effort into my posts as I would’ve liked: things got _really_ busy, and the amount of energy I was able to put into blogging definitely suffered. Which wouldn’t have been so bad, except that being on a 24-hour schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time to develop ideas or do research. Most nights, I found myself starting to write at 10pm, rushing to get something semi-coherent out before midnight, and going back after to edit and revise. There are a few topics that I wanted to hit (backbone.js, for one) that I didn’t get to, because I knew the subject would suffer in the amount of time I could give it. ### Conclusion All in all, it was a lot of fun, a little stressful, and worth it. I’d hoped that doing a blogathon would give me some exposure on the interwebs, and it seems to have done that… thanks to everyone who reads and/or comments regularly and all the insight that you provide, you people are great. I’m leaning toward a Monday/Friday update schedule from here on out; frequent enough to merit coming back on a regular basis, but with enough space in between to let me put some thought and effort into my writing (or at least, get _something_ out on the weeks where work is hell). The tentative plan at this point is to go back through and find posts that I thought had a good potential but could’ve been better, and give them more love… since I’ve been diving headfirst into both the Python and JavaScript worlds, I should have a lot to say on new subjects as well ([flask](http://flask.pocoo.org/) is great, doncha know).

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