Meet the new boss (same as the old boss)

So, I just did something that you really shouldn’t do on the internet: I revised history.

That is to say, I originally created the problematic.io domain because I was tired of wrestling with an EC2-based WordPress install, and I was irritated that wordpress.com blogs don’t give you the kind of control I was looking for. So, I baked up a new blog with Jekyll… and promptly stopped using it. It wasn’t until I read Kenneth Reitz’s post “Why I Left Medium” that I realized why: my code-brain and my writing-brain don’t play well together. I was feeling productive because I was tweaking layouts, instead of producing content.

I followed Kenneth’s lead, fired up a WordPress install on PagodaBox (Heroku for PHP, essentially), and… had two WordPress blogs. So, I’m merging them: all posts have been migrated, and iamproblematic.com now redirects to problematic.io. The distinction between domains is enough for me to justify the break from code-only posts that I was looking for, without having to manage two separate codebases, and without losing two years of post history.

Hopefully the transition will be a smooth one; you can ping me in the comments or at djstobbe@gmail.com if you notice any problems.

2 thoughts on “Meet the new boss (same as the old boss)

    1. Greetings Derek,

      Your blogging consistency is lousy!

      I switched to Silvrback recently, and I’ve been happy with it. Just saying.



      P.S. It’s pointless to be subscribed to your blog if you never post anything.

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