Game-a-Week Challenge

I was recently inspired by a Gamasutra article to try a new experiment: making a game a week. Based on previous experience, I knew going in that my biggest problem coming in would be properly scoping the project to my skill level and time constraints… true for software development in general and game development specifically, it’s much easier to brainstorm tons of cool features that a project should have than to actually implement them.

Most of the games that have been kicking around in my brain are 2D. The reason for this is probably a lack of 3D experience combined with personal preference, but I knew that I wanted to look into something more directly suited to 2D than Unity’s 2D workflow. I also had a vague idea in my brain that I wanted to be able to easily display my games in the browser, which meant either flash or JavaScript (or Unity’s web player, but again, I was looking for something better-suited to 2D).

Enter Phaser. It’s an HTML5 game framework, built on top of pixi.js. It’s oriented toward arcade-style games, is open-source under the MIT license, and is actively developed and supported by a team who uses it to build games in the wild. After a couple weeks of using it, I’ve discovered that it’s not perfect, but it’s very hackable, and suits what I’m trying to do very well.

My tentative plan is to build a game every week around a different theme or genre, open-source them where I can, and post them to the web for people to play. I’ll be writing postmortems here about what I learned during the process.


Week 01: Bubble Popper
Week 02: “Starship Clicker”

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